BYM's Third Home in Progress

Scary and Exciting Stuff

I often ponder. If someone were to ask what I'm thinking, I have to respond, "um, don't know", as my thoughts take me in many different directions at the same time. It was during one of my pondering times in January that I began thinking of our personal home situation. I went from feeling sorry for myself at the prospect of having half our children on another continent to wondering if we are doing all we can do here--all God wants us to do. Linda and I talked for some time regarding our 'home situation' and we came to a startling but obvious conclusion: More Changes Are On The Way!

In 2006, Zachary will be graduating and two thirds of our children will be released from our care and on their way. That leaves use with a (seemingly small) family of four---in a six bedroom home with lotsa space. The question arose, "Is that the proper use of the resources God has given us?"

In Matthew 25, Christ taught the Parable of the Talents. He points out that we should be ready and available to use the resources God gives us in the best way possible. Doing anything less is, in a sense, cheating God; a bad 'investment' if you will. We SO desire to use the resources God has given us for His glory.

After praying and asking God for direction, it was decided to start construction on a new, small, cheap home that would allow us to use the old, big, cheap home as a oasis for 12 to 15 new girls. That would bring our total to 35 to 40 lives!

What a step! Definitely scary and exciting stuff.

We began, certainly by faith, construction on the new home in February. The plan is to construct at a calculated pace; no need to hurry. God blessed us with having sufficient funds to start and we believe He will provide sufficient funds to finish -- in His time. We believe that November would be a good time to open the third Girls Home as school is out, it's Summer break in the Southern Hemisphere and the needs seem to be more pronounced.

Please be praying with us about this.

Following are a few photos of the work in progress.

This is what we started with. Our plan was to take out a bit of cement play area and the overgrown garden behind that wall.

The space was limited so we planned for a 950 sq.ft. (about 87 home; tight to say the least.

The wall is down and the foundation footings are dug by hand.

The footings placed and a suspended, concrete floor poured. The first layers of outside brick wall can be seen.

Abi is dying to get in any photo she can—she weaseled her way into this one.

Outside walls up and the top beam structure near ready to be poured.

Lots of cement and brick; rather odd construction for us as we are from the North West US.

The roof beams are now up and the roofing is in place. Now the fun (and expense) begins. Normally, the rough construction is about 30% of the total cost; hence the high number of unfinished buildings in Cochabamba.

We will be working bit by bit on the finishing; taking our time, being patient and waiting on the Lord.

Lastly, proof that I really do work...