Financial Matters

"For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

Luke 12:34

The area of finances is one of the most difficult things for most people to talk about. However, it's imperative that we are open with one another and talk about it right up front. Bolivian Youth Ministries is operating by faith. We believe that it is by God's power that we do anything at all; including paying the bills! There will be costs associated with your stay with us; it doesn't cost a lot to stay here but it does cost. Food, water and electricity are all very real expenses.

Travel expenses to/from Cochabamba, Bolivia will be paid directly by you. We will meet you at the airport so there will be no in-country travel expenses as long as you schedule your flight to arrive here. There will be some travel expense for buses within Cochabamba if you want to venture out shopping or go to an Internet Café (see the FAQs section).

Regarding on site expenses, we request a donation of $10/day/person (US dollars). This will cover the cost of food (two meals a day with the girls), water, electricity, mission related transportation and expenses, Etc. And what a deal it is! The food here is great, the showers lukewarm, the beds acceptable and the company fantastic!

For stays longer than a couple months, we will address the financial matters on a case by case basis. We prefer to treat 'longer term' volunteers as missionaries and encourage folks coming down to raise support as any missionary is required to.

Please check out our FAQs section for more information regarding money issues and handling.


Or by regular mail:

Jonathan and Linda Baker

Cajón 3471